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Riggs Product Group is selling a Pininfarina-designed ergonomic office chair for the hefty price of about $3k (currently on sale for just $2k!), no doubt reached in part by what it must have cost them to get Pininfarina to do the design. While the chairs do look cool, the fact that they have wheels does not, unfortunately, make them as fast as the Ferraris or Maseratis from which the chairs aped their color schemes. Nor are they likely to cause a rash of lowball pricing on used Aerons on eBay. But if you want to plant your keister on something much more unique than an Aeron or Freedom Chair, the Xten just might be for you.

If any of you out there has one of these, fire off a pic of you sitting in it and tell us how you like it!

Xten via Luxist via DVICE