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NASA confirmed today that a soil sample collected Wednesday by the Phoenix Mars Lander contained frozen water, or as we like to call it, “ice”.

More tests are still to be done, and for now NASA’s saying that there are no traces of living material in the water, but they’re also saying that there’s a LOT of ice on Mars. Which is pretty cool. More after the clicky thingie…

So the question now is, does the existince of water ice on Mars turn into a big “Hey, that’s cool, but so what?” or do we now start planning Mars bases with semi-permanent mini-colonies and begin our real-life journey toward stories like those in Total Recall?

Already, I’m sure dozens of caffeine-wired Coast to Coast AM junkies are hard at work scouring the 11MB stitched image for traces of rocky Martian faces or beer can pop tops from alien civilizations gone by, but such findings aside, this is truly spectacular news. We’re one step closer to being universally insignificant, and that’s a good thing.