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News surfaced on Japan Press Network’s 47News website, (translate it with the translator of your choice) that, according to an LG VP, if sales of plasma TVs don’t pick up, LG might abandon the technology. That news made its way around the blogosphere in pretty quick fashion, along with the inevitible comments about how, with Pioneer and Vizio saying they’re not doing plasma anymore, that LG dropping out, too, might be sounding the death knell for plasma as an option for people wanting a new flat-panel.

But leave it to our pals at T3 to actually contact LG and speak with George Mead, Marketing Manager for Digital Displays for LG in the UK. Mead claims that LG has no plans to withdraw from the plasma market, but did concede that they might stop selling plasmas here in the US even if they continue to sell them in the UK and Europe.