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Audi’s teaser images for the forthcoming TT RS, which may or may not make it to the U.S., are pretty sweet. I especially like the LEDs in the headlamps and the geometry of the reflectors in the taillights. The raised fixed wing on the hatch deck also suggests a more “real” sportscar than previous incarnations of the TT tail.

But the real question for me is, what type of system will the TT RS use for its implementation of Quattro? My 2004 TT 3.2 with the DSG (the first year) was fun to drive, but the Haldex system used definitely felt more like an FWD car most of the time and didn’t have the sure-footedness of the Torsen-based Quattro systems like on the bigger Audis. There are rumors that the TT RS may in fact use a dual-system Quattro employing elements of both, but that seems unlikely.

In any case, making somewhere in the neighborhood of 330hp from it’s 5-cylinder 2.5 turbocharged engine, the TT RS should be loads of fun to drive, even if it’s a bit slipperier when wet than we’d like.