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So Nintendo has outed themselves as working on a new console. Some might question the sanity in this since the Wii is still hard to find off and on. On the other hand, Nintendo is lagging behind Sony and MS in terms of hardware specs / graphics capabilities.

So what will their next console be? In a piece on, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata almost seemed to be warning people that the next Nintendo console might not be as cool as the Wii. Of course he didn’t actually say that, but he did say this:

“Every hardware needs some revolutionary features,” Iwata says. “This time around, it happened to be we had a revolutionary user interface. Will it be the same for the next generation? I really can’t tell.

“It’s natural for the current customer to expect Nintendo is going to once again do something different,” he continues. “If the people are expecting so many different things from Nintendo, it’s going to be difficult for us to go beyond that expectation again.”

So is that Nintendo being cautious or giving us a heads-up that the next Nintendo console might be as much of a relative suckfest as the last one? Ahem.

What do you think the next Nintendo console will be? What do you think it SHOULD be?