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If you’re looking for a PC to distinguish yourself from the crowd and the HP TouchSmart is too big for your space, consider Dell’s spiffy new Studio Hybrid. A wee little thing at just 7.7″ tall, 8.3″ deep and 2.8″ wide, it’s 80% smaller than a standard desktop PC and uses 70% less power than one. It’s Energy Star 4.0-compliant and even uses 75% less packing materials than a standard PC.

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Although small, the Studio Hybrid packs a pretty impressive set of specs, including:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Windows Vista
  • Up to 4GB of 667MHz RAM
  • Up to a 320GB SATA HD
  • CD/DVD writer (standard) or Blu-Ray/CD/DVD combo drive (optional)
  • Optional Sound Blaster Audigy audio
  • Optional wireless-N networking
  • Five USB 2.0 ports, 1394 port, DVI, HDMI, digital audio S/P DIF

What’s more, the Studio Hybrid is available in a range of colors and even a bamboo-clad version for the ultimate in green-ness. It also seems to have a set of feet that can be affixed to either the bottom or the side, so that you can set it up vertically or horizontally.

Pricing starts at $499 for just the PC (no monitor, etc.) with a 1.86GHz proc, 1GB RAM, a 160GB HD and a 1 year warranty.

Fully loaded with a 2.60GHz proc, 4GB RAM, the 320GB HD, a 22″ widescreen display with built-in webcam, Blu-Ray, SB Audigy audio, Wireless-N networking, flat-panel-attached speakers, clad in bamboo and with a 3-year warranty, the system will set you back a rather hefty $2,240.

I guess they weren’t able to reduce the cost by 70%. Shame.

Still, it’s a very nice looking little PC, and assuming it can keep itself cool, the tech specs would indicate that it would be a pretty decent everyday machine, so long as you’re not planning on doing any serious gaming (the only available video hardware is Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100).

The presence of the HDMI port means that you could put this next to your HDTV and have convenient access to a PC without having to get your lazy butt up off the couch. I couldn’t tell if it had DVR software included or anything like that, but that would be another good use for this little guy.

All in all a nicely designed (very) mini desktop that’ll make the green crowd happy.