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Over at they had themselves a contest. A contest in which participants were asked to create greener gadgets. You may have seen, for instance, the printer that uses coffee grounds as the basis for printing rather than ink?  Well, this design by U.S. designer Brenden Macaluso is really making buzz. I mean, I certainly don’t want to smell used coffee on my printouts all day long, but a computer case made from LASER-cut old boxes?! Now THAT’s pretty cool. If you think a “paper computer” is a bad idea because of heat, etc., don’t:  Cardboard actually has much higher fire & ignition points than does plastic.

Macaluso’s prototype is a working one, so if this gets made en masse, I imagine the Next Big Thing will be designer versions where you get to pick which boxes are used for the side panels. It would much cooler to have a Hasbro Star Wars action figure box on the side panel vs., say, one for Spam. Or maybe not.

Whatever the future of the Recompute, it seems to have struck a cord with people, maybe based on it’s expansion card-like LASER-cut shape and unusual placement of USB ports, etc. In the same competition, there’s another cardboard computer case concept (in fact shown off with Brillo artwork on the sides) called, simply, cardboardcase. I just hope designers Francesco Biasci and Martina Becattini aren’t sitting around asking “Che cosa siamo? Fegato tagliato?!”