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On Mimobot’s website, they dare you to collect all of the new Star Wars Series 3 Mimobot USB drives. Which is a pretty good dare considering that an 8GB version will run you about $40 more than if you buy a plain ol’ one at Best Buy. Of course the Mimobots are way-cooler than your basic black Sandisk jobber, but that extra money is half a tank of gas! Ehh, what the heck…who needs gas when you have an army of USB Star Wars characters?! You can just shake down Shell for a few gallons!

New in this series are C-3PO, Darth Sidious (who looks an awful lot like both Senator Palpatine AND Emperor Palpatine!), the Emperor’s Royal Guard (who looks an awful lot like both Senator Palpatine’s Royal Guard AND Darth Sidious’ Royal Guard!) and Wickett. The Ewok.

Still no word on why Series 2 included a Nathan Lane version.