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In case you missed them, here they be. Hit the clicky thingie for some selected ads from today’s adfest and watch them in 480 if you wanna be cool…

J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Teaser:

Audi’s Jason Statham mini-movie for the Supercharged A6, titled ‘Chase’:

Pixar’s Up teaser:

I love it when Coke comes through with something both fun and sweet, like this spot titled ‘Avatar’:

Bigger, badder, transformerier: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen teaser:

Props to whoever did the nifty effects in this Bud Light Lime ad:

Angels and Demons teaser (hopefully the movie will be LOTS better than DaVinci was):

Don’t be pissed that this guy stole your shtick in this Taco Bell ad, ‘Overrated’:

Year One trailer, which begs the question “Is there anything Olivia Wilde isn’t going to be in?”:

Another brilliant ad from Coke, this one called ‘Heist’:

New model, same parts indeed: The new Fast & Furious trailer with the whole original gang:

Heh, ok, this is a pretty fantastic Doritos ad titled ‘Power of the Crunch’:

Will Ferrell loses himself in the Land of the Lost trailer:

Ouch! Pepsi Max ad:

If you have your 3D glasses ready for the return of Chuck tomorrow night, use them to watch this Monsters vs. Aliens trailer:

This Bridgestone ad, titled ‘Hot Item’, makes me want to play Moon Patrol again:

I like the Rock and all, but this trailer for Race to Witch Mountain makes the movie look kinda bad. The trailer isn’t even that much fun. However, the saving grace may be the cast of lovely ladies, including Carla Gugino, Christine Lakin, Meredith Salenger and KIM RICHARDS! (oh boy did I have a huge crush on her back when the original was new, sigh)

And last but most certainly not leastest, this excellent Hulu ad (if ya hadn’t noticed, you’ve been watching all of these commercials on Hulu), which makes fun of TV, TV watchers, Alec Baldwin, and outs the true origins of Hulu themselves…