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Word on Blog Street is that Apple’s got iPhone 2.1 in the works, due for a September release, that includes features that would allow for GPS orientation. I hope there’s a new version of iTunes coming, too, because 7.7 is some buggy shtuff.

Here then are 10 things that Apple needs to fix with both iPhone and iTunes: (read them after the clicky thingie)

Close Outlook PSTs Properly! – Ever since getting my iPhone 3G and installing iTunes, Outlook tells me, every day, that there might be a problem with the Outlook data file and that it needs to be checked. So help me, if iTunes bricks my Outlook PST the way MobileMe erased all of that poor woman’s e-mail

Copy & Paste – Seriously, how hard could this be? I mean, you did that cool magnifying glass already, so just extend that functionality to be able to select stuff, then copy it, then paste it. Easy, peasy.

Fix the iTunes Interface in Windows – Half the time it loads, it does so with either a black or garbled screen. I realize that for years, developers wrote outside the Mac toolbox because they had to hack the system to get it to do certain things, but there’s no reason you should be hacking together a Windows app that does as much stuff as iTunes does. Honestly, I don’t care about gradations and brushed metal textures in iTunes / QuickTime. I just want it to work the way it seems like it should work, to not crash, and to be fast.

Make Sync Smarter – Ok, here’s the deal. I used to use my WinMo to sync between to computers to keep them up to date not only with the device, but with each other. Now I want to use my iPhone to do the same thing, but it doesn’t seem to want to. Here’s how it should work: If i add something to the iPhone, that should get added to any computer I sync it to. If I remove something from the iPhone, that should get removed from any computer I sync it to. If I add something to a computer, it should get added to the iPhone and any other computer I sync it to. Do you see the pattern here? Good, now implement it. Thanks.

Reign in the App Store – I’m not sure if this falls under either upgrading iPhone to 2.1 or upgrading iTunes to 7.8 or whatever, but the AppStore has some serious issues. For one, certain apps show up a zillion times and I have no idea what, if anything, is different between them. Next, there are some apps that require more than what it seems like they require. I’m thinking specifically of iClink, which is $40 and claims, in the App Store, that it “works with” CompanionLink. Later on, however, it shows that it REQUIRES CompanionLink, which is another $100. Oh, and not mentioned at all is that you ALSO have to pay $9.95 / month for their wireless sync service. Who knows if there are other hidden charges, like a mandatory $25,000 charity donation and required $500 live lobster purchase.

Make More Stuff Work in Landscape – Cute, shiny bubbles are nice and all, but I would much rather have access to the landscape-mode keyboard when texting.

Offer Touchscreen Sensitivy Settings – Actually I don’t know if this is possible, but if so, offer it. The dang thing tries to go all pre-cognitive on me sometimes. Grrr.

Keep a Close Eye on T-Mobile – So that if and when their 3G network does actually launch later this year, you can see if their coverage is better than AT&T’s, which is dismal, even where it isn’t, if you know what I’m saying. Then you can open up the iPhone to use either carrier. Because AT&T sucks.

Speed Things Up – I didn’t have the previous iPhone, but I’ve read that annoyances like the Contacts delay and the dreadfully long backup are new to 2.0. Fix those. They’re annoying.

Require App Developers to Include a Close / Exit / Quit Button – I don’t care if it actually says “Close” or “Exit” or “Quit” or if it’s just an X, but I want it. Even if the app is actually getting unloaded when I click the Home button, I still want the peace of mind of KNOWING that I closed the app and it’s not doing something behind my back. I’m not paranoid, really. Did you hear something?!