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A long time ago, in this very galaxy, there were Star Wars toys. Lots of them. And they were good. They were very, very good. And then everybody wanted them. And then they were worth a fortune. It was the late ’70s / early ’80s and there was no eBay. Then in the mid-’90s we learned that George Lucas would (cough) produce the long-anticipated Star Wars prequels. And when Kenner (still Kenner at the time) came out with new Star Wars toys, we flocked in droves (or flocks) to every Wal-Mart, Target and Toys’R’Us store at opening time to get the new, hard-to find goodies. Well this Friday it’ll be time to empty your piggy bank yet again. At midnight, Friday night (so, you know, technically Saturday morning), 225 TRU stores will open wide and say cha-ching as people flock in droves (again) to every TRU for an exclusive first look and first buy at new Star Wars toys based on Clone Wars. There’s even a countdown timer on their website to let you know how soon they’ll be expecting you to part with your spacebucks.

The real question, though, is, will people in fact make the trek to TRU in those wee hours to buy this stuff, or are we all burned out thanks to a trilogy of lackluster prequels and, perhaps the capstone on George Lucas’ anti-rennaisance pyramid, a(nother) sucky Indiana Jones sequel?

What do you say? Will you go? Will you shell out the cash? Or will you just wait and see how the movie is before you decide if the toys are worth it?