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Warner Brothers plans to reboot the Lara Croft film (and I use that term loosely) franchise that never actually went anywhere. You remember the first two movies, right? Well, erm, they starred Angelina Jolie, who, I’m guessing, has far better things to do with her time than be in another Lara Croft actioner. Like look pretty next to Brad Pitt while he’s looking pretty next to her while their 17 kids are jumping around like so many tomb-dwelling giant spiders. Stuff like that.

Dan Lin (Terminator Salvation) will produce, with Stephen Gilchrist (Rules of Engagement) co-producing and EIDOS’ Ian Livingstone executive producing for the first time. The first two flicks were produced by Paramount, but the rights went back to EIDOS and since Time-Warner purchased nearly 20% of EIDOS, they acquired film rights as well.

To be honest this might…MIGHT…be a good thing. I thought both movies were pretty bad, despite being saturated with a running, jumping, ass-kicking Jolie, mostly because they didn’t “feel” like the early Tomb Raider games, which had a pretty fantastic mood to them. But it’s important to remember that those games were developed by CORE, not by EIDOS, and the Crystal Dynamics games of late, while technically are generally better than the CORE versions, still don’t feel the same (more on this in our next podcast, by the way).

In any event, it’ll come down to the writing of course and who’s cast to play Lara. I feel a gallery of possibles coming soon…