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Remember when laser pointers first came out? They were a couple hundred bucks and we thought they were the coolest thing ever, until the price dropped to like $3 and every chucklehead who got drunk before going to the movies had one.

Well, prepare for the next great annoying geek tech: This USB spy pen from SAS is available now for about $150 (it’s sold in the UK for £74.95) and has 2GB of memory…enough for up to 15 hours of video based on the video format and compression it uses. Unfortunately, the batteries only last about an hour, so keep stock on those if you’re doing some heavy duty stakeout-ing.

In the mean time, I can practically hear the gears in your head as you think of all the obnoxious and naughty ways this little gem could be put to use.

BoysStuff via Dvice