Episode 1 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is Live!

Join Tony and I as we discuss video games, TV, movies and tech. Relax…we consider ourselves “casual gamers”, so if you’re in your 30s or 40s and still enjoy gaming, but a slightly more leisurely pace than your typical Jolt-enhanced 13 year old, check us out!

In this episode:

Tony raves about Little Big Planet, then makes fun of Lou for playing Bejeweled Twist so much that he put aside Fallout 3 for a week and a half. Lou talks about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as well. In TV, the guys talk about Heroes and Lost, welcome the start of “American Idol Season”, and Lou pines for the return of Chuck. Tony then goes on to talk about his recent movie viewings, including The Wrestler and Doubt, while Lou gives some opinions on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Finally, Lou complains about the lack of multi-computer iPhone sync, then the guys talk about Blu-ray players.

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