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Over at Autoblog, there’s a piece on how the Holden Commodore has retained its status as the #1 selling car in Australia for the 13th straight year, despite nearly the lowest total sales of the past 30 years since the Commodore was first introduced.

But the article is just one more thing for us United Statesans to be sad about, because it’s just another slap in the face to remind us how completely clueless GM’s U.S. management is, while their overseas counterparts seem to be fairly brilliant. Case in point is the VE Sportwagon SS-V shown in the above gallery, which (despite a rear end that needs a bit of work) is pretty darn easy to look at and, I imagine, goes fast as hell, too.

As you may know, Pontiac’s G8 is a rebadged Holden Commodore, but even it has lost some of the European-style class and elegance of its progenitor from down under due, mostly, to the ridiculous hood vents the G8 is sporting and what seems like a more plastic-y looking paintjob than what the Holden looks like, at least in pictures.

The real question, though, is why did it take importing this car from the kids halfway around the world when Mommy & Daddy are right here in Detroit? Why is it that the Big 3 seem either entirely oblivious to what makes a good American car, or hellbent on not giving any to us?

Thanks to Autoblog for getting me upset about this yet AGAIN