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Hollywood Reporter has, uh, reported that the new TRON film (as they’re saying it’s being called, rather than TRON 2 or the amazingly-annoying TR2N) has found a lead actor in Garrett Hedlund.

Even more interesting, perhaps, is that the article also confirms that Jeff Bridges is in fact onboard to reprise his role as Flynn, the arcade developer wunderkind (who doesn’t understand what computer memory is) and experimental LASER zapee from the original Disney film.

Now if only Disney would put that killer teaser out on the net in HD, we’d be tied over until TRON, scheduled to start shooting this coming Spring, gets some proper buzz materials going. The new TRON could be great, as it’s already got Bridges, a coupla hotties and the potential for some great, updated effects in a world where the video game business is now bigger than the movie industry. In real life.

Hollywood Reporter