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XSEED announced today their upcoming Nintendo DS title Retrogame Challenge, in which players must defeat the evil Game Master Arino by completing a series of challenges in (ficticious) retro games such as Cosmic Gate (think Galaxian), Haggle Man (a platformer), Rally King (driving game), Star Prince (like Galaga) and Guadia Quest (an 8-bit style RPG). More after the clicky thingie…

Now, I say ficticious because they were all created for Retrogame Challenge, but looking at the screen shots on the official website, you’ll see XSEED’s done a nice job of making games that, for the most part, really look like they came from the time period they each claim (with perhaps the exception of Cosmic Gate, which looks a lot better than Galaxian did when it was released).

Retrogame Challenge will require players to complete goals in the various retro games, after which a new part of the story will be unlocked and a new challenge will await the player in one of the other games. This lets players enjoy a fair amount of diversity as they progress through the overall story. In addition, in-game magazines will feature stories about the games (think old copies of Electronic Games or Joystik!), fictional “news” stories and cheat codes that’ll unlock certain features or level warps in the various games that make up Retrogame Challenge.

The question is this: What the hell does “Guadia Quest” mean?! No…that’s not the question. The question IS, will these fake retrogames have the playability and charm of the actual games upon which they’re based, loosely or otherwise. Still, it’s one more reason to be enticed into purchasing a DS if you don’t have one already, and if you do, this could make a really nice addition to your game pak library. Retrogame Challenge is set to hit in February.

And major bonus points to XSEED for using a picture of the fabulously frustrating ColecoVision controller on their website!

Retrogame Challenge