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First there was the conference table that the Galactic Empire tried to sneak into our office. Then there was the mouse that they thought they could get us with on our very own desktop. Well now our revenge is at hand. Acer’s just released their Gemstone Blue line of desktop replacement-class laptops, including the 8920G, and among other things, it includes a control cluster that looks like it could be used to shut down the Death Star’s tractor beam. More details after the clicky thingie.

Weighing in at over 9 pounds, Acer’s 8920G Gemstone Blue laptop features a full 1920×1080 display measuring 18.4″. Enjoy that big, bright screen with a 2X Blu-Ray drive and control it with the striking CineDash control surface at left of the keyboard. After you shut down the tractor beam. Business first, kiddies.

The 8920G is powered by a Core 2 Duo and has up to 640GB of HD space if using the two-drive option. That’s a lot. A full feature list can be found in the official PDF here.