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After the Comic-Con TRON 2.0 teaser leaked out onto the Net, we contacted reps for Disney who said that there was no official word yet as to whether or not the movie would get made, and that they had no plans to ever show that teaser again. Of course that seemed a bit odd given that the teaser, which they called a technology demonstration, had a minute or two of effects (not cheap) and, you know, Jeff Bridges.

Well, Hollywood Reporter has announced that TRON 2.0 aka TR2N has its first two cast members attached, in the form of Olivia Wilde (House) and Beau Garrett (Made of Honor, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer).

No official word on Bridges yet, although we’ll keep our fingers crossed that a TRON 2.0 payday would be at least as enticing to him as a TRON 2.0 technology demonstration payday.

Hollywood Reporter