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Remember your first flat-panel TV? You thought you were the shiznit with that bad-boy, until some guy a couple doors down got one bigger, thinner and high-definitionier than yours. Which kinda ticked you off. Then, around Thanksgiving, you one-upped him. And the battle of the bigscreen LEDs continues between you and your neighbor to this day.

Well, if you lived in Dubai, you’d certainly have your work cut out for you, as Tameer Holding has unveiled their plans for the Podium commercial building development, complete with a 33-story-high LED display, set off from one side of the building on a giant, curved panel.

When complete, it will be the world’s largest LED display, and even will allow natural light from outdoors to permeate into the windows on that side of the building. The Podium’s LED facade will be visible from about a mile away. Which is crazy cool.

And although it kinda sucks that somebody will have an LED display THAT big, and it’s not you, at least you can stop worrying about how to afford Panasonic’s 150-inch HD monster. Cuz, really, what’s the point now?

Gulf News via Gizmodo