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As if the 800m-tall Burj Dubai wasn’t tall enough, developer Nakheel has announced plans for an inner-city harbour development project, the centerpiece of which would be a building over a full kilometer in height.

A spokesman for Nakheel – the same company responsible for The World – cautiously commented on the project, according to the Daily Telegraph, by stating it would be over a kilometer tall, and that the whole project, comprising some 40 skyscrapers, would ultimately house 55,000 people and be workday home to another 45,000.

The project is set to take about 10 years to complete at a cost of “billions of dollars.” It seems like the next ridiculously-tall building milestone will be an entire mile. And the way things are going, that one will be in Dubai, too.

(you can thank me later for not making a joke about how, for Nakheel, The World is not enough)

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