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Supposedly due to pressure from internet rumors, Nintendo made a wee-early-in-the-morning (well, here in the U.S. anyway) press announcement to unveil the next version of their handheld gaming platform. Featuring two cameras (one inside the hinge and one on the outside / back), an MP3 player and web browser, the DSi will also allow gamers to browse for new software in an iPhone App Store-like environment. Nintendo calls this the DS Store. How they came up with the name, we’ll never know.

Yes, Nintendo is finally acknowledging that handheld gaming / internet convergence is a real thing. Which is good, too, because otherwise they might be going out of business soon (ahem).

The DSi’s screens are a bit bigger than the previous ones, at 3.25″, but they drain the batteries more as a result, offering only 3 hours on the brightest settings, as least according to pre-release reports.

Anyway, the DSi isn’t expected to ship until after Christmas, which is bad because that means you won’t be able to get it until after Christmas, but good because that means your Christmas list can include other fun stuff!