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In a word: Probably not. Ok, fine, that’s two words. And actually, the 5800 has some pretty tasty specs: 3.2″ 640×360 touchscreen, 3.2MP camera with dual-LED flash, autofocus & Carl Zeiss lens, GPS, WiFi, a proper headphone jack and a microSD slot with an 8GB card tucked in there…unlocked for under $400 when it goes on sale.

Later on, there will be a Comes with Music version that’ll let you download songs “for free” from Nokia’s music service of the same name. Comes with Music is an unlimited-download service, but you’ll have to buy a new Nokia handset that supports it once a year, or the music will, in fact, stop playing.

Still, the 5800 has impressive specs. What nobody’s been able to do, though, to dethrone the iPhone as the leader of the smartphone / SuperFeaturePhone pack, is to combine all of those great specs with an actual application platform and the kind of business-necessary features that will really propel a particular product into that stratosphereic sweet spot.