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You know, with all the talk of netbooks and mobile phones as computing platforms of late, we were getting a bit nostalgic for good, ol’ fashioned laptop computers. Thankfully, a couple of said devices have surfaced in the last few days that are turning our frown upside down.

From Bentley / Ego comes this super-exclusive (250 units), ridiculously-priced ($20,000-ish), hand-made laptop, stitched in leather, with the buyer’s choice of interior panel colors. The chrome-detailed portable PC will sport a 64-bit processor running Vista Ultimate, a 160GB hard drive, Bluetooth, WiFi, a webcam and more.

But if it looks a bit girly for you, then consider instead Panasonic’s new Toughbook F8, which has a similar handled-clamshell case, but is infinitely more manly-looking and probably a lot tougher, too. Or they couldn’t call it that. The F8 weighs just 3.7 pounds and stuffs a Core Duo processor, Gobi 3G global mobile internet, Bluetooth and up to 4GB RAM and a shock-mounted, 160GB hard drive into its lightweight magnesium alloy case. And starting at “only” $2500, the F8 will save you tons of cash and even more questions about your manhood when compared with the Bentley one.

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