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Microsoft is coming out with some new hardware this coming holiday season, including this mouse that looks like it might be a distant cousin of the Droideka. Sure, it looks all swanky and whatnot, especially when compared with a typical mouse, but if you buy one, don’t leave it alone with kids. Or pets. Or Jedis.

The press release Microsoft included with this (the one that they sent to Maximum PC and not us) claims that this was designed for trendy, fashion-conscious types, but we’re not convinced it’s not another ploy by the Galactic Empire.

Not worried about this mouse’s evil intentions? Then you may enjoy the fact that the transciever is supposedly so small that you can just leave it attached to your laptop all the time. It’ll be $60 in either black or red (hmm, the same colors as Darth Maul…coincidence?!). No word yet on whether this will include a forcefield protecting the mouse from laser blasts while still letting you move your cursor. But that would be cool.