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Integrating technology with style & design isn’t always easy at home. A nicely designed space with a spaghetti-tangle of wires just doesn’t cut it. That’s why I love products like the AmpLamp. The product of designer Dominic Bromley of Scabetti, who designed it for Futuros, AmpLamp combines a ceramic lamp base with a warm-toned shade with high-tech audio to combine a lamp and powered speaker. Generating 80 watts of power, the AmpLamp uses NXT and Airsound technologies, and can even be used with an optional charging iPod dock.

UPDATE: Futuros’ Paul Frobisher informs us that they’ll invite additional artists to design interpretations of the AmpLamp to go along with Bromley’s. Oh, and that the price is about $2,500 (£1350). To those comments we say “Cool!” and “Ouch!”

Futuros via MoCo Loco via DVICE