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I would love to report on the greatness of the iPhone 3G’s 2.1 firmware update, but I can’t, because for the last hour-plus, the little status bar showing backup progress has been running. My backup has never taken an hour. I also don’t think that the 9GB of data on my iPhone would even come close to taking 1.5 hours to transfer via USB 2.0.

Backup has been a thorn in the side of the iPhone since the 3G came out and the 2.0 version of the OS debuted, but this is ridiculous.

Apple, you might wanna look at some of the other backup solutions that have been on the market for, oh, about 30 years or so, many of which include a nifty little feature called incremental backup. Under normal, day-to-day, every-time-I-plug-in-my-iPhone circumstances, you should ONLY be backing up anything that’s changed since the last backup. If you’re doing anything more than that, you’re wasting resources and, more importantly, our time.

I have no idea what’s going on now, why this backup is taking an hour and a half, when even my longest “normal” backups have never taken more than 15 minutes? And why is my quad-core processor running at 35% when I usually only see that kind of processor usage when playing graphics-intense 3D games?

Apple, please tell us what the hell you’re doing to our computers, why, and when it’ll stop.