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True, it may look like half of a two-piece video camera system from 1980, but this is actually a 50MP camera…enough mega detail to show that people’s pores have pores and their wrinkles have wrinkles. You’d better enjoy seeing super-detailed pictures of flowers and buildings and fluffy bunnies, because I can’t imagine many celebrities would allow a photog carrying one of these to get anywhere near them.

50MP…that’s like 150 images at 640×480 put together.

And the H3DII-50 can shoot as frequently as 1fps or, as it turns out, just fast enough to catch Oprah giving you the finger as you try to take her picture with this beast.

The cost for all of this hi-resolution snappiness? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $40k. Better get ready to sell that Kodak EasyShare on eBay!