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Sure, the idea of a teddy bear phone is cute. And in fact, there are other uses for such a thing outside of cuteness. Follow along with us here: Let’s say a group of international spies breaks into your home in the middle of the night, going from room to room rounding up all the cell phones so that you can’t call Jack Bauer / James Bond / John McClane. Confident that they’ve gotten every piece of telephony into their grubby meathooks, they underestimate your gadgetocity by locking you into your youngest child’s bedroom. Fearing nought from the suburban-dwelling likes of you, they go about their business of using your computer to hack into whatever goverment or mega-industrial network system will get them that much closer to their endgame. But, HAHA! You’re not so easily bested! For that cute, cuddly teddy bear on little Timmy’s bed is ACTUALLY a $500 mobile phone!

Let’s be honest, whatever the bad guys are up to, it would be a lot easier to simply hijack a shipment of these ridiculously overpriced mobile bears, er, phones and just sell them on eBay for $400 a crack.

Press a paw to make a call to one of four speed-dial numbers. Squeeze the tail to anwser incoming calls. Or just save the $500…and hope the above scenario never happens to you!

Trends in Japan via The Raw Feed via DVICE