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It’s been known for some time that Audi’s been planning a car to compete with the wildly successful Mercedes CLS “coupe” (a designation which, at the very least, I find annoying). Questionable labels aside, the recent announcement that Audi plans to ignore the current trend in downsizing and model dropping due to climbing fuel prices is good news to those who might have otherwise feared that projects like the A7 would be canceled. On the contrary, not only is the A7 on approach, but so is an S7, an RS7 (twin-turbo V-10, anyone?) and the A7 you see conceptualized in the first image above. Yes, that is in fact a convertible hardtop 4-door coupe you see there, courtesy of Car Magazine’s concept artists. Before you shake these off as mere fantasies, click the link to their article, where they show an official design sketch offered exclusively to them from Audi. This. Is. Hot. Which means we can probably look forward to at least one more Transporter movie after Transporter 3.

Car via Autoblog