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No, we’re not talking about IE8’s InPrivate mode again, although we can see why you’d be confused, what with the ‘blue’ reference and all. Perv. While you grumble in disappointment, I’ll continue by saying that MS first teased us with an animation on their hardware site. Then, it was spread across the net that Amazon in Spain already had the item listed. If some crazy Italian website is to be believed, Blue Track combines a blue LED with a wide angle lens to provide a tracking system for the mouse that combines the accuracy of a LASER mouse with the flexibility to be used on surfaces that would in general not work well with a LASER mouse. Personally, I would like to believe that they want us to say goodbye to the LASER and hello to the Phaser, and that everything in Star Trek is actually real, put into entertainment form by an intreped time traveler who made a deal with the government to keep things secret and who’s now going back on his word because they didn’t give him the private island that was part of the price for his silence. I’m afraid that the mouse thing is probably more likely. I guess we’ll have to wait til Sept. 9th to find out for sure.

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