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The Fingertongs, from fusionbrands, are a pretty nice idea: A wearable duckbill-looking silicone kitchen gadget that allows you to use your hands rather directly to move, pick up, turn or serve all manner of piping hot culinary treats rather than having to resort to the use of those tired old “regular” tongs. Provided your definition of “piping hot” doesn’t go higher than 500 degrees anyway. The company’s website showcases an awful lot of asparagus, so it’s nice that they included some bacon, too. And I dare say that if two people got in a fight, wearing a Fingertongs on each hand, the bacon-eater would kick the jolly green giant out of the asparagus-eater. The problem is that once you’ve served your food, will you really be able to resist moving your Fingertongs around and yelling out “AFLAC!” to your guests until they wish you’d been beaten by a bacon-eater? Comes in blue or gray, and makes a great companion gift to our other favorite kitchen item of late.

fusionbrands via book of joe via Boing Boing Gadgets