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This morning, T3 (which, by the way, we love ’round here) posted a blurb in which they claim to have “stumbled across” the website at, which they’re reporting is going to make the iPhone, Nokia N96, Blackberry Bold and Samsung INNOV8 i850 obsolete. Read more after the clicky thingie…

Problem is the website – and presumably, the product itself – are fake. Well, it’s a real website, but it’s owned by Future Publishing, who publish T3 among others. And the ID for the Flash player showing off that ‘coming soon’ countdown timer (also fake: it always starts at the same time) is even called T3_phone.

So what are you up to, T3? Just trying to get your readers riled up for no good reason? Holding a future tech design contest? Or have you made some pact with the devil a tech company to be exclusive unveiler of some new piece of übergadgetry?

Hmm, probably none of the above. In fact, the site seems to have been built…or is at least being heavily monitored by…Omniture’s Hitbox service, which is sometimes considered to be spyware that installs “a tracking cookie that monitors your Internet activity and gathers your personal information as you surf the web. This information may be retrieved by the parent company, without your consent” according to Sounds a bit paranoid to us. Cookies are our friends!

But, this could be just a way for T3 to see how many people click through to the site, what browser they’re running, what resolution, etc.

Which isn’t really too much fun, especially when compared with a super-smartphone that has a laser keyboard.