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In the Stargate: SG-1 season 5 episode ‘Wormhole Extreme’, one of the funniest bits is the younger cast of characters in the fake show. Much humor is made about this “hot, young cast” in the episode, but now it seems as that’s the only way Stargate’s producers could keep the franchise on the air.

Sci-Fi has announced that Stargate: Atlantis will not be picked up for a sixth season, and instead a new Stargate series titled Stargate: Universe, featuring…you guessed it, a hot, young cast…will begin.

I’m not sure what to make of this…SG-1 was a fantastic show, with 10 seasons of fun stories starting where the original film left off. Atlantis was a great spinoff, with its own extremely likable cast, threats and brand of humor. I’m sure if the same production team is involved, we can expect more of the same. But shame on Sci-Fi network for (I’m guessing) forcing this move. I’m sure fans would rather see SG-1 brought back or Atlantis continue than to see a new spinoff geared toward a younger generation of viewers.

What do you think?

Hollywood Reporter