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Here are a few pix of the 2011 Chevy Cruze. Visually, I don’t really like the silly split-grille design aped from the current Malibu, nor do I appreciate the chromed bar on the back. The Chevy logo is too big, and for heaven’s sake why on earth is it gold?! Those elements aside, the Cruze is actually an attractive cross between Japanese and German styling cues. It would have to be, considering it’ll go on sale in Europe first, where buyers are much more accustomed to voting with their wallets and have generally not been super-crazy about U.S. cars that are overflowing with U.S. automaker styling (or lack thereof) and U.S. automaker cheapness. Good thing, then, that in addition to swell looks, GM claims that the Cruze will feature quality fit and finish inside and out, including interior surface materials specially designed to give the small car a world-class feel. They’ve got about six months to pull it off before it goes on sale across the pond, and another year or so after that until we’ll see it in dealerships here.