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Aaaah, Citroën. I’ve been fascinated by the French icons ever since first seeing them during a family trip to France in the late ’70s. Of course the 2CV was ubiquitous, but it was, at the time, the CX Pallas that really intrigued me, with its slanted rear wheel cover and dreamy hydropneumatic suspension. There was nothing like it back home on American roads, and I dreamed of the day when I’d be old enough to drive one. The C6 line from Citroen still maintains that CX / GS / DS lineage, but with a more modern look. Gone is the rear wheel cover, and the rear end, less of a true Kamm tail and more reminiscent of a 2nd generation Audi A6, is definitely contemporary.

Here, then, is a special edition C6, dubbed the “Office”, designed to lure European executive types. It’s a collaboration between Citroën and Intersection Magazine, and was created with input from Blackberry, Kenwood, Krug and Fauchon. That super-cool, somewhat-intimidating black finish is called “Black Shadow”. See it first at the next Cannes Film Festival, and start dreaming about it for yourself.

Citroen via Zercustoms via Autoblog