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Woohoo, Diablo III is coming! Featuring Havok-based physics, partially randomly-put-together environments, object destruction and five character classes, any of which can be played as male or female, Blizzard looks to continue their trend of being the #1 developer of “Gauntlett on Crack in HD” games.

No release date has been set as of yet, but Blizzard’s website has some FAQs with all the basics that they’re willing to discuss at this point. Surprisingly, there’s no FAQ offering phone numbers for the Succubus demons from the first Diablo.

Also be sure to check out the videos…the gameplay video seems to showcase some really nice visual effects, and even some music with thematic similarities to the first two games in the series. Pretty cool.

It’s nice to know that Blizzard is coming out with, what will hopefully be, another mega time-burner…and one that doesn’t require a monthly payment.