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We’ve all been there. You’re having a party…anybody who’s anybody is there…and everybody goes outside and jumps in the pool. Then one guy has to bring it up: “You know, this party would suck a lot less if there was a 70″ LCD TV in the pool!” And the next thing you know, EVERYbody’s saying it. Or at least thinking it.

Well feel free to invite the freeloaders back, because now you can get everybody into the pool and fire up MarineAV‘s monstrous 70″ LCD (yes, it’s LCD, not plasma) waterproof TV. Not only is it great for attracting the right crowd, but it’s equally capable of getting rid of them when you put in a copy of Jaws.

Sporting a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time, the ~$56,000 TV is actually a Samsung panel that MarineAV has waterproof-mofied.

Another great feature is the “Built-in real time clock allows users to schedule events such as power on/power off”. Unquestionably better-suited for such tasks than the slow-mo clocks on most other 70″ waterproof LCD TVs.