Episode 104 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live!

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This episode of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is brought to you by Yumbly. Search Chicago-area restaurants and menus to find exactly what you’re hungry for. Yum.

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In video games, the guys talk about Skyrim. Tony talks about SSX and Journey. Lou talks a bit about Uncharted: Drake’s Deception and Mass Effect 3. Miscellaneous gaming news follows.

In TV (~24:40), the guys talk about American Idol and Top Chef: Texas Tony talks about Revenge, The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice and Downton Abbey. Lou talks about some other shows, but is having memory issues. Then onto some general TV news.

In Movies (~48:45), Tony talks about Being Elmo and Bad Teacher and, for Tony’s Classic Film Project, absolutely nothing. Lou talks about Chronicle and Tower Heist. Some movie news follows.

In the Mashup, the news this week includes:

  • The Geneva Motor Show is going on now!
  • The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available now. Download it here.
  • Apple has announced the new iPad, with a faster processor, Retina Display, better camera and dictation capabilities; also available with 4G LTE
  • Apple’s also under fire from the guy who they swindled the iPad trademark from
  • Nokia’s 808 PureView phone has a 41-megapixel camera
  • The X-TREM-1 watch from Christophe Claret uses tiny, floating metal spheres to tell time
  • A bunch of Verizon phones will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich build of Android, including four from HTC, seven from Motorola, two from Samsung and one from LG
  • Playboy wants to team up with Virgin Galactic to build a Playboy Club in space
  • T-Mobile is actually planning on implementing 4G on their network
  • Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn had their cellphones hacked and photos of them scantily-clad posted to the web
  • The Michael Jackson back catalog that Sony bought a few years ago was hacked last year around the same time that PSN was hacked
  • A plastic surgeon in DC has been performing operations on people to make them look better on FaceTime
  • The Obayashi Corporation of Japan wants to build a space elevator by 2050
  • We list a bunch of the top iPhone / iPad apps in honor of 25 billion downloads from the App Store
  • A new study shows some strange results in terms of what makes women and men happier while in a relationship

Finally, at the end of the episode is when Tony & Lou reveal their choices for best and worst entertainment moments of the week…and, this time, for the whole year!

The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Tony Incopero and Lou Zucaro. Join them as they discuss all sorts of fun things in the world of entertainment, gaming, gadgets, cars and more with a healthy dose of their sense of humor.

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