Episode 80 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live!

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We start out this episode with a touch of listener mail, and general pleasantries and geekery.

In video games, the buys talk about Mass Effect 2. Tony talks a tiny bit about Little Big Planet 2 and Lou talks some about World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Miscellaneous video game news follows.

In TV (~32:00), Tony and Lou talk a little bit about Top Chef All-Stars, The Cape and V, Tony talks about Episodes, and Lou spends a few minutes on Torchwood, with random TV news tidbits after that.

In Movies (~1:01:20), Tony saw Catfish and I Think We’re Alone Now. Lou saw Devil. Miscellaneous movie news follows.

In the Mash-Up segment (~1:28:15) the news this week includes:

  • First shots of HP Palm’s WebOS tablet have surfaced
  • The iPhone is coming to Verizon in February
  • Speaking of which, if you’re a Verizon customer and you bought a phone between 11/26 and 1/10, Verizon will give you a $200 Visa debit card if you want to buy the ViPhone instead of the clunker you just bought
  • Netflix is removing the “Add to Queue” option from streaming devices
  • The SARTRE system, which stands for Safe Road Trains for the Environment, has gone through its first live road test with flying colors
  • Scientists are confident that they’ll be able to create a cloned Wooly Mammoth within four years
  • Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave from Apple
  • Mattel’s Video Racer is a Hot Wheels car with a little camera in the front and a tiny screen on the bottom that will record & play back the car’s adventures on whatever track or course you put it on
  • iPad 2 Rumor: The next iPad will have a 2048 x 1536 screen. Which is still not widescreen.
  • A company called ScentSciences is introducing a new version of smell-o-vision, called ScentScape
  • Remember that IBM supercomputer that’s going to play Jeopardy against the show’s two reigning champs? There was a preview round already and the computer, Watson, was winning
  • MySpace just laid off half its staff (again) and some industry folk are speculating that it could shut down completely within months
  • The Streets of Monaco (concept) yacht is 508 feet long and designed to look like a section of the Principality of Monaco
  • China now holds claim to the longest water-spanning bridge on earth
  • KFA2 has introduced the world’s first wireless graphics card
  • Scientists at the Berkeley Lab and Caltech have developed a palladium-based glass that’s nearly as strong as steel, bending instead of cracking under pressure
  • Kids will now be even more of a pain in the neck while shopping, thanks to “smart cereal boxes” that will show animation and lights, among other things

As always, the end of the episode is when Tony & Lou reveal their votes for this week’s (and this year’s!) Best & Worst entertainment moments.

The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Tony Incopero and Lou Zucaro. Join them as they discuss all sorts of fun things in the world of entertainment, gaming, gadgets, cars and more with a healthy dose of their sense of humor.

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