Episode 75 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live!

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We start out this episode with some listener mail etc.

In this episode, Tony talks about Dead Rising 2 and the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo, as well as some new DLC for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Finally, he talks briefly about the Xbox 360 / Xbox Live interface update. Lou talks about Fallout New Vegas on the PC some more. Miscellaneous video game news follows.

In TV (~35:50), the guys start off with The Event again Tony goes over Glee and the Women of SNL special. Lou follows up with Chuck, Hawaii 5-0, Chase, Castle, and Stargate: Universe, with random TV news tidbits after that.

In Movies (~1:08:55), Tony saw The Prestige on Blu-rayLou watched Jonah Hex on pay-per-view. Even though Megan Fox is in it. Miscellaneous movie news follows.

In the Mash-Up segment (~1:26:45) the news this week includes:

  • A new, robotic, tiny camera that can move faster than the human eye
  • Scientists have discovered a way to eliminate memories (in mice) related to fear
  • LaserMotive has demo’d a small flying drone powered by LASERs beamed at it
  • Researchers have discovered a way to print skin for flesh wound victims
  • Scientists and researchers at Arizona State University have bred a dragonfly with a 2-foot wingspan
  • One of the first iPhone 5 rumors is that it’ll incorporate Near Field Communications
  • The white iPhone 4 has been delayed again
  • The Nook Color is now available for $250
  • Global e-mail traffic has gone down by 1/5th, thanks to Russian authorities cracking down on Igor Gusev’s SpamIt.com
  • Verizon is testing a FiOS successor called XG-PON2 that offers up to 10Gb (yes, gigabit) speeds
  • Microsoft has hinted that Windows 8 might be released in 2012
  • Audi’s electric e-tron will have artificial sound while driving below 15mph
  • There’s now 3G service at the top of Mt. Everest

As always, the end of the episode is when Tony & Lou reveal their votes for this week’s Best & Worst entertainment moments.

The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Tony Incopero and Lou Zucaro. Join them as they discuss all sorts of fun things in the world of entertainment, gaming, gadgets, cars and more with a healthy dose of their sense of humor.

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