Episode 60 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live!

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At the beginning of the show, the guys start out by reading some listener mail in a segment still entitled “Fred” (until somebody suggests a better idea that Tony doesn’t veto, which nobody has yet, although it’s been tried)

In this episode, Tony talks about the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo. Lou talks about starting Borderlands. Miscellaneous video game news follows.

In TV (~17:50), the guys talk Lost, American Idol, Top Chef Masters and Tony talks about Celebrity Apprentice. Lou talks for a bit about 24 and Stargate Universe. Random TV news tidbits after that.

In Movies (~39:05) Tony hasn’t had time to see anything, but Lou saw Shutter Island. Miscellaneous movie news follows.

In the Mash-Up segment (~51:35) the news this week includes:

  • The iPad is out. Super.
  • A volcano erupted in Iceland on April 14th and pumped so much ash into the atmosphere that only now, five days later, are European test flights suggesting that it might be ok to start flying again.
  • Seagate and Paramount have an agreement whereby select Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drives will be pre-loaded with Paramount movies. For instance, you can buy a 500GB FreeAgent Go right now with last year’s Star Trek pre-loaded and available for activation for no charge.
  • The latest iPhone 4G rumors…are meaningless, now that somebody found an iPhone 4G that some (very in-trouble) Apple insider lost at a bar in California: New form factor with a flat bottom, glass or clear plastic or ceramic back, front-facing camera for video calling, bigger lens on the back for the regular camera and the camera now has a flash, higher-resolution screen, new location for the micro SIM card, separate volume up and down buttons, and a much bigger battery.
  • A line of clothing called Ping has embedded electronics that can “sense what you’re doing” and send out updates to Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Dell will be releasing a couple of iPad competitors called Streak…one 10″ version and a 7″ version. The smaller of the two could be out later this year.
  • Light Peak may be coming to computers as early as next year. Again, it runs at 10 Gbps, which is fast enough to transfer an entire Blu-ray movie in 30 seconds.
  • NASA and GM will be seinding a robot called Robonaut 2 (aka R2) to the International Space Station to help astronauts with stuff. And things. R2 is a humanoid-type robot, and will be heading to the ISS in September.
  • Flip is finally releasing a camera with a widescreen, called the Flip SideHD. It’ll record 12 hours of video on the internal 16GB of storage, and has a 2-hour battery life. $280 when it comes out.

As always, the end of the episode is when Tony & Lou reveal their votes for this week’s Best & Worst entertainment moments.

The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Tony Incopero and Lou Zucaro. Join them as they discuss all sorts of fun things in the world of entertainment, gaming, gadgets, cars and more with a healthy dose of their sense of humor.

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