Episode 53 of The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is live!

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In this episode, Tony talks about Borderlands as well as Sword & Poker on the iPhone. Lou talks about WoW a little bit, and starting Mass Effect 2. Miscellaneous video game news follows.

In TV (~21:00), Tony didn’t really watch any TV (huh?!) and Lou talks about Idol and complains about not being able to talk about Lost because Tony didn’t watch it yet. Random TV news tidbits after that.

In Movies (~41:35) Tony talks about Inglourious Basterds and, um, Lou didn’t see anything. Some movie news is after that.

In the Mash-Up segment the news this week includes:

  • The U.S. Transportation Secretary has advised people to stop driving Toyota cars affected by the gas pedal recall
  • Hasselblad’s H4D40: a 40 megapixel DSLR for $20k
  • The latest OS update for the Nexus One includes multi-touch for photos, maps & the web
  • Rumor: The 27″ iMac problems are serious enough to have halted production
  • President Obama wants NASA to scrap plans to put a man on the moon by 2020 (boo)
  • Microsoft’s new $60 SideWinder X4 keyboard that lets you press up to 26 keys at a time and have them register correctly
  • Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory successfully fired 192 lasers to the 1 megajoule level for the first time – the first step toward controlled nuclear fusion
  • Honda has developed a solar hydrogen-making machine for peoples’ garages
  • Gateway’s new FX6831-01 and FX6831-03 gaming computers, for $1,300 and $1,700
  • IE8 now has a bit over 25% of the browser market (used to be IE7 was the leader)
  • The next iPhone is referred to in the SDK by codename N89
  • The Hubble has detected an “x-shaped” object moving through space at 11,000 mph and scientists have no idea what it is
  • DARPA has approved Boston Dynamics’ contract: The BigDog will see some action!

As always, the end of the episode is when Tony & Lou reveal their votes for this week’s Best & Worst entertainment moments.

The pause.com Entertainment Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Tony Incopero and Lou Zucaro. Join them as they discuss all sorts of fun things in the world of entertainment, gaming, gadgets, cars and more with a healthy dose of their sense of humor.

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