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Listen up, Buy More employees!

Chuck is coming back soon and I want this place in ship-shape condition before he gets here!

NBC has announced that Chuck will premiere on Sunday, January 10th, then fall into its regular schedule on Monday nights (woohoo, it’s not on Friday!) starting the next night, January 11th.

ABC has also announced that Lost will air on Tuesday nights from now on, so as not to disturb the comedy that Modern Family brings on Wednesdays. It’s a bit of a risky move, going up against performance night on American Idol, which means that the schedule is likely a win for at least one DVR slot. The series’ final season will start on January 2nd with a 2-hour premiere and a 1-hour montage lead-in. Cuz, you know, we need a montage.

Finally, Heroes will have a special 2-hour return on January 4th and then go back to its previous time slot following Chuck.