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I’m sure you remember T3’s 01:Phone…the one that they dreamed up, then got serious about and actually started to turn into a physical reality? While we (outside of Australia) still wait for the day that the 01:Phone is available to the general public, T3 is now hard at work on another piece of future tech. Appropriate, considering they’ve now launched an entire Future Tech web site.

The netpad / tablet, cooked up with design firm The Alloy (also behind the concept-to-reality transformation of the 01:Phone) and manufacturer Medion, will have some pretty cool features if and when it sees the light of day. It makes extensive use of touch-enabled OLED displays that provide context-driven controls for things like turning BlueTooth on or off, toggling WiFi, setting volume and more. Placed in easily accessible locations, these OLED control strips solve a number of problems at once, not the least of which are button clutter and what I like to call “Dark Side Control Confusion”…that phenomenon where you can’t find the control you’re looking for on the side or back of a device because everything’s black and marked with embossed black lettering (ugh).

Other nifty features are a thin, metal keyboard that retracts, use of carbon fiber for parts of the case, and a protective screen cover that doubles as a stand to orient the netpad in a more vertical, TV- and computer monitor-like position.

Kudos once again to our pals at T3 across the pond for going above and beyond the typical “Here’s what we like and don’t like in this product genre” and actually trying to raise the bar yet again.

In the mean time, T3, we’re still waiting to try out that 01:Phone!