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So last night when I plugged in my iPhone I was notified that there was a minor iTunes update as well as a carrier settings update. I went ahead with both, of course.

This morning, ready to face the world on this sunny but cold October day, I plugged in the audio cable in my car, a few songs on a particular playlist already in my head.

Except…I don’t have anymore playlists. They’re all gone. What was the iTunes update? Did they “fix” iTunes so that it no longer requires any human interaction? iTunes will now decide on its own if you need playlists or not?

I’m hoping that it’s just on the phone and that they’re not REALLY all gone when I get back home to sync after work.

(I’d sync here at work so that I could listen to my playlists on the way home, except Apple won’t let me sync my iPhone with more than one computer. Because they’re controlling dickheads.)