Motorola has entered the Android phone game and is off to a great start! their new phone for T-mobile has a fully customizable main screen which they have titles MOTOBLUR, add your twitter, e-mail, facebook, and the weather all on one page. The CLIQ is due out for the fall of this year, other features include a 3 inch touch screen, WiFi, 3G networking, a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and video (If any new phone doesn’t have auto focus by now get with the program it is amazing.),  a slide out keyboard and built in Google browser and more…

The phone looks like a Nex-Gen Sidekick I like the look of it and I like an option of a keyboard when available I have never had a good time with touch screen typing I like the keyboard. What do you guys think of the new phone and would you prefer a touchscreen or a keyboard?

Click here to see the official press release.