For the 50 year birthday of the Mini cooper they have reviled the car that they say will compete with the Audi TT. It starts out with chopping off the top and and making it a soft top. Under the hood they put a 211 horsepower 1.6 liter engine  and stiffened suspension.  I really like the new look of the mini cooper I hope much doesn’t change from the concept to the real thing. It is set to make its debut at the frankfurter auto show coming up soon. Hit the clicky thingie to check out more pictures and see how close it is to the Audi TT

*Update* I recently found out the due to a lack of funds the unveiling of the new Mini Cooper concept is being pushed back to later next year…

mini-coupe-vs-audi-tt-by-michael-banovsky_100227437_s 2009-mini-coupe-concept-leak_100227249_s

2009-mini-coupe-concept-leak_100227259_s 2009-mini-coupe-concept-leak_100227262_s