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Netbooks really are great for small, light little computers that you can bring with you just about anyplace. There are times when I need to take my big ol’ 16″ HP 1920 x 1080 laptop for “serious” work, but when I’m just heading out for a quick meeting or something, and need to make sure I can check e-mail or reset a server here or there, my Toshiba netbook suits those tasks just fine.

But what about nettops? The idea kinda makes sense for people who want something at home that’s small and just gives them access to the basics that most people use a computer for these days, and maybe you don’t even need a dedicated monitor, since so many people have flat-panel TVs etc. that can serve double-duty as a PC display.

For those folks, Lenovo has a couple of new, cute, little nettops that, depending on your sense of taste, won’t necessarily look hideous amongst your other things. The Ideacentre Q100 and Q110 both feature Atom processors and NVIDIA Ion graphics that output 1080p via HDMI. The difference between the $249 Q100 and the $349 Q110 are memory and hard drive: 1GB / 160GB for the Q100 and 2GB / 250GB for the Q110.

And, of course, there’s that cool etched icon pattern on both of them.