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If you were kinda thinking that maybe Nigel Powers was onto something with regard to his hatred for the Dutch, here’s the clincher: We pay about 5x more than they do for wireless service. And you can lump the Swedes and Fins in with the Dutch while you’re at it.

This is from a story on Ars, and I have to imagine that Nokia has something to do with that, what with them being based out of Espoo, Finland and all. So my question is this? Why hasn’t Motorola “given back” in such a way as to make us pay 1/5th of what we’re currently paying for cellular service?

Maybe it’s because they’re not the wireless juggernaut they used to be. Or because our country has the worst cellular infrastructure with a zillion different, incompatible systems running. And sure, they have pretty much nothing to do with AT&T or my iPhone. But still…

All of that aside, I have a mind to march on over to Motorola’s world headquarters (which just happens to be about 6 blocks from here) and give them what for. Mssrs. Brown and Jha, this is your 10 minute warning: Get out the checkbooks. I want a refund!

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